Friday, July 22, 2011

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Hey folks, Take a look at TagVillage is launching this weekend. Get paid to surf as you normally do, SEARCH, SOCIAL MEDIA & WORK. Change your habits slightly online and make it worth your while. More info to follow. Tag Village is and will always be FREE to join. Talk soon. T


FREE TO JOIN : TAGVILLAGE SEARCH ENGINE. When our search engine is enabled, search results will appear here. We are building a revolutionary, new search engine. Our servers are working around the clock to index the World Wide Web. Before long we will introduce our proprietary search to the world. We fully expect you to be impressed. It is our mission to build the most relevant search ever built. We fully intend to build a search engine that will index Social Networking, Web Sites, News, Research Documents and much more. We further intend to produce results in a much more useful and organized manner than ever before.

As we develop our search engine, we will adhere to the following principles which we established as the guiding values from which all search decisions are based:

Core Search Principles
1. Relevancy of Results
2. Social Graph is Important
3. Personal Control and Filters
4. Anti-Manipulation
5. Refined Results over Quantity

We hope you are as excited about our upcoming search engine as much as we are. Keep your eye on our site. Every day we introduce more and more features to our software. Very soon tagvillage will be a Social Network, a Search Engine, and an incredible business opportunity for millions of people throughout the world. If you haven't started building your inventory of Tags, what are you waiting for? The tagvillage search engine is coming! And it is going to revolutionize the way people find things online.

ust like the News Feed on Facebook, TAGWIRE will be your central communication hub. tagvillage is building a revolutionary new social network. You will be able to connect with people you know, find new friends with similar interests, and interact seamlessly with your accounts at other social sites. When we release TAGWIRE, we plan to completely transform the way you experience social networking. This is going to be amazing! And best of all, you will earn CASH MONEY just for using the site. Now that is awesome!

But even more incredible is the fact that tagvillage donates 10% of our revenue to great Causes every week. And you get to tell us where to donate the money. Just by using the site, you can support a Cause that is dear to your heart. Now that is truly awesome!

Which makes us wonder:

How much have other social networks paid you to use their site today?

And, how much have they donated to Causes on your behalf?

What is the Tagvillage Bazaar?

Although I can’t tell you specifics of what it is, or the mechanics of how it works, I will tell you as much as I can, as close to the line without going over as possible…for now !

The Bazaar is about selling. Much like what you would picture in your mind of a bazaar in “the old country”, there is tons of goods available, lots of excitement and positive energy, and NO ONE pays retail for anything. Everyone knows bazaars are where you go to get the rock bottom deals. The Tagvillage Bazaar is no exception ..... come join us to experience the excitement & the wealth.

Trevor -

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